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Thanks to its wonderful location surrounded by rich nature and history, RIVERWALK KITAKYUSHU gives one a sense of openness, of being connected with the nature of Murasaki River and Katsuyama Park — without going outside! With open-air cafes with idyllic views of the river and the park, as well as open spaces filled with natural light, RIVERWALK KITAKYUSHU offers a gathering place where even a simple stroll is great fun.

Outward appearance

At first glance, RIVERWALK KITAKYUSHU looks as if it consists of multiple buildings of different heights, shapes and colors. This look was created part-intentionally, to give its guests the pleasure of enjoying the complex as a work of architecture, as well as because the piece of land on which it was built stretched wide and long East-to-West. At RIVERWALK KITAKYUSHU, the characteristics of the land were put to good use by making the massive single building look like a collection of unique buildings, making it look less overpowering.


RIVERWALK KITAKYUSHU is very colorful, and each of its sections has a different color theme. The five colors used in the sections have significant meanings: Brown for the land, black for traditional Japanese roof tiles, white for plaster wall, red for Japanese lacquer, and the impressive yellow for ears of rice ready for harvest.

The name

“We want people to enjoy strolling on the waterside of the Murasaki River running through the town of Kokura.” ”We want to create a new symbol of Kitakyushu City.” – These are the sentiments behind the name “RIVERWALK KITAKYUSHU.” Once people gather at this great location surrounded by nature and history and walk around the town, the town will get bustling and energized.

College section

On March 27, 2006, RIVERWALK KITAKYUSHU welcomed the opening of its new college section. The section’s design expresses Kokura’s industrial history, with the blue stone works in the image of the Murasaki River and the three towers covered with white tiles representing chimneys.

Hours of Operation

  • Open  10:00~20:00
  • food court  11:00~20:30(O.S 20:00)
  • Restaurant  11:00~21:00(O.S 20:00)
  • Amusement  10:00~24:00

※Business hours may vary between stores.


Tel : 093-573-1500

Service center

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